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The ASHLife Store is Born

Our Store

We are your one stop shop for apparel and accessories for products that you smoke creating an ASH, hence the AshLife was born. The cigar and weed apparel business is broken. Traditional apparel companies invest far more in distribution, real estate and marketing than in the product itself.

To cut cost they manufacture off shore, and make products as cheaply as possible. At The AshLife we invest in what matters to us and to our customers: high quality product, American manufacturing and exceptional service, and strip away everything else.

No stores

Brick-and-mortar retail stores are expensive. Real estate, manpower and complex distribution are costs that distract from making quality product. We eliminate stores altogether and sell directly to our customers online.

No billboards

The pressure to attract consumers leaves most apparel businesses with bloated marketing budgets. We have a different approach. Instead of investing in billboards and commercials, we invest in quality product and great service with the hope that our customers will become our advocates. We’ve found that if we can exceed customers’ expectations, they want to share and spread the word for us.